ILVA Glass - Our Mission

A reliable partner for glass components in the household appliance sector

Production technology and Lean Manufacturing

We offer our customers the highest quality standards on raw materials and manufacturing process.

Our production is perfectly integrated with the supply chain of our customers thanks to lean production methods that allow us to supply our glass components, in the right quantity and at the exact moment in which they are needed.

ILVA Glass Quality Policy

For ILVA Glass, quality is a fundamental tool for achieving excellence, an objective to be pursued in all the company’s activities and sectors.

Satisfied customers are the result of optimized business processes that have Quality as their primary goal. For this reason, the effort of the whole organization is aimed at seeking continuous improvement in order to obtain, as a consequence, high quality level of products and services.

The involvement of all staff constantly trained in the use of Total Quality methodologies and techniques is essential.

Our values
Codice etico

People, Workplaces, Health and Safety, Diversity have always been the founding values ​​and the daily landmarks of our work.


We protect the quality of working life of all our collaborators.


We promote the best quality standards of the workplace.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority.


We ensure the highest standards of compliance with current regulations.


Respect for the environment is a fundamental goal for ILVA Glass, which has always been committed to the search for solutions and measures to maximize energy efficiency and avoid wasting resources.

Our raw material is 100% recyclable

We have also chosen to put our structure at the service of the environment, offering the space 

on our roofs for the installation of a photovoltaic system that produces 850,000KWh every year, with savings in terms of emissions of over 4000 tons of CO2.

Our commitment to a low environmental impact and eco-sustainable production also includes a complete recycling system for processing water, and particular attention to waste management.