Glass for Furniture Industry Applications

A fundamental prerogative of this sector is the demand for high production flexibility due to the strong customization of the glass components.
Small production batches and fast delivery times are equally important to satisfy customer requests.

ILVA Glass fulfills these requirements being equipped with a very large fleet of machines for each type of processing and with a high production capacity.
Added to this is a very streamlined management structure that allows you to acquire and process orders quickly.
The processes available in ILVA Glass for the production of furniture components are:

  • double edge grinding machines,
  • profiling with controlled machines,
  • engraving and chamfering,
  • water jet cutting,
  • drilling process,
  • printing process,
  • tempering process.

It uses float glass and molded glass of various thicknesses 3/4/6/8 mm with frame screen printing and subsequent safety tempering.

Float, mirror, satin glass are the materials used to obtain mirrored and lacquered glass for panels, doors.
The possibilities of customizing color and graphics are obtained with the use of traditional lacquering and screen printing techniques.

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