Cooktops for GAS application

Float glass cooktops for gas applications are components typically made in standard or extra clear glass in 6 mm or 8 mm thick. The typical dimensions of these cooktops are from 60 cm to 90 cm, with 4 or 5 burner configurations

The holes for burners and knob controls are subsequently grinded on the internal edges with numerical control machines, to ensure maximum component safety. The semi worked material so obtained is subjected to the screen printing process.

With the screen printing process the component is customized according to the customer’s request, regarding graphics, color, and aesthetic effects on the control areas.

The production of the component ends with the tempering process, which is essential to guarantee the thermal and mechanical properties to be given to the gas cooktops, for full functionality and safety.

ILVA Glass produces cooktops for gas applications according to the customer’s project specifications, integrating them if necessary with the know-how and production best practices developed over time by our experts.

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