Lean Manufacturing

For some years now, the home appliance sector has been embracing Lean logics that extend beyond the client company by involving the supplier.

ILVA Glass has been structured to guarantee a partnership in these working methods and deliver the right product, at the right time, with the right quality, and the quantity necessary for its customers’ supply chain.

One of the main functions on which these logics impact is production planning, and the organization of material flow through the production plant, in order to have a fast order processing and a reduced lead time of the processes. It is possible to agree with ILVA Glass on the supply chain of the component that better meets the needs of the customer’s production chain.

Based on the forecasts provided, we can schedule the delivery of specific quantities /batches of products to the customer’s production plants with customized lead times of less than a week. The computerized acquisition of orders and forecasts takes place through the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system.

The production and logistics office also makes use of the customer’s web services for the integrated logistics management of orders and shipments (picking from remote warehouses, included).

The labeling of the transport units can also be customized with the contents requested by the customer (bar codes, QR code, RFID tags etc.).

As part of the supplier-customer logistics integration, ILVA Glass offers support for the specific design of packaging for the handling of goods in the customer’s production lines, with particular attention to ergonomics, handling safety, transport and storage of goods, as well as the homogeneity of the packaging materials.

The packaging so designed and manufactured can also be returned and reused for subsequent shipments, considerably reducing the environmental impact and costs.

Consultancy and Co-design

ILVA Glass, thanks to a consolidated process experience and the long-standing know-how of its technicians on the glass material, is able to support its customers in the development phase of new glass components.

ILVA GLASS in particular can collaborate effectively for:

  • the preliminary study of the executive drawings and graphics, to analyze the critic points of the component, with reference to subsequent processing (feasibility analysis),
  • the selection of the most suitable materials for the application, in terms of mechanical, thermal and aesthetic resistance,
  • the definition of the most appropriate manufacturing processes to ensure component reliability and the best possible aesthetic result,
  • the optimization of screen printing processes, studying the number of screen printing steps and the most appropriate combination of glazes for the desired effect, both in functional and aesthetic terms

The goal of this service is to obtain the best possible component both in terms of functionality and quality, with attention to seriality and optimization of production costs to make the component itself more competitive on the market.

Test laboratory

ILVA Glass’s test laboratory is available to customers.

It is in fact possible to establish shared test protocols on products/components, which the ILVA GLASS test laboratory can perform, providing the data collected to the customer. In this way, the development process of the new component can be significantly accelerated.

For this type of support you should:

  • provide ILVA Glass technicians with the equipment to be tested,
  • agree on test protocols with the laboratory team,

Thanks to the availability of different types of glass and manufacturing processes, it is possible to collect test data very quickly, verifying various possible alternative solutions. In view of the performance of the tests, technical indications may be detected that produce an acceleration of the development process.

The types of tests include:

  • behavior of the component at high temperatures or thermal shock,
  • mechanical strength,
  • cleaning and chemical tests,
  • wear of the glass on the component.

ILVA Glass Academy

ILVA Glass offers specific training courses for the R&D or Quality team of its customers regarding the glass material and on the specificities of its production processes.

ILVA Glass Academy is a real “School of Glass” in which it is possible to acquire specific know-how on the raw material, its chemical-physical characteristics, on tools and processing equipment, glazes, color measurement techniques , the production processes that bring the basic glass to advanced customizations, in order to have maximum freedom in the design phase of the components.

The training courses can be adapted to specific customer needs or specific design objectives.

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