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    Your needs, ILVA Glass solutions

    Our test laboratory is available to our customers to speed up the component development process. Send us a request to define the test parameters.

    Our technicians are available to offer all customers specific training through the courses of the ILVA Glass Academy. Furthermore, upon request, we provide consulting and co-design services to optimize all production processes.

    ILVA Glass is available to study and make the entire production cycle more efficient together with its customers. Even in the case of packaging, we are able to design them specifically for each component. They can also be returned to reduce both the environmental impact and costs.

    ILVA Glass Academy offers training services dedicated to the technical resources of our Customers. A real “School of glass” in which ILVA Glass offers over 70 years of experience on the raw material.

    For years ILVA Glass has equipped itself with lean production processes and methodologies, ensuring full integration with the supply chain of our Customers.

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